On GoS' Wishing Tree in recent weeks, there was a request for some AF woodland nymph clothing by Sherabim on MTS to be converted for AM use. That request has been removed by mod housekeeping because I'm slow and utterly suck.

If it was your request or you remember whose it was: I am working on it and I will finish it. I found a very nice AF mesh to redo the Sherabim textures on, as well, that doesn't have the odd tip-toe effect of the original. It's the same alpha skirt I'm converting, in fact. I'd like to see if I can make the AM version's skirt longer for later versatility, but it will at least accommodate the leaves and vines as it is.

But in the end, I'm terribly sorry it's taking so long. It's stupid for taking so long, really, because I want the final products, too x_x


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