Title: Silver and Cold
Characters: Many
This Page: Lazard and Sephiroth
Pairings: Sephiroth/Lazard
Rating: Overall, NC-17
This Page: G+
Warnings: blood, manly pecs, guns
A/N: Series will contain pages of manly romance, even maniler smut, supernatural critters and some nasty mad science. As there's a strong influence of classic movie monsters about, it should probably be said that this is an AU.

(right click > view image to embiggen)

Sometimes, I get the feeling that even though I like Lazard and want him in the picture/story, he still gets relegated to the background, or
just somehow gets shorted for face time. Those times make me SO. DAMN. HAPPY. about how the last two panels here turned out.

It occurred to me during sketching that I'm not really sure how to depict, through drawing, someone getting literally dumped on their ass. Hope this is close enough.
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