No matter how diverse and, er, eccentric the denizens of Midgar can get, it's always good to remember how alike we can all be, too.

On to the virtual insanity... )
It's very strange - I could've sworn I was just here...

The curse of Jenova's genes continues... )
Well, that was certainly an experience. I never would've thought I'd ever do what I just did, but I really think I enjoyed it. It was fun to dance, and I seemed to be fairly good at it, to go by the response. Okay, maybe most of them were just looking at my ass, but I could definitely take this up as a hobby.

SOLDIER Doesn't Tell You About ALL the Mako Side-Effects... )
Once upon a time, there was a dashing young prince known throughout the kingdom of Midgar as Growly McSuck...

*beep!* Please Flip the Cassette to Side 2... )