the 'Environmental Miser' Clothesline - a pseudo-TS3 Conversion

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Two Beds and a Bedding Set to Compliment the Nightlife Vampire Coffins,
made for Kriikii for GoS' Christmas in July exchange

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This is a set of mostly decorative plant and outdoors-y meshes I put together for GardenOfShadows' April theme. But, the Sims Resource have decided to be assholes and try to shut GoS down by lying to GoS' site host service - since this stuff was only linked to from the theme topic, and the site is in fact down a the moment, I'll be adding the stuff here for accessibility.

All of these meshes, except for the Maxis tree, are Squeenix-made and extracted from the Crisis Core game, itself. All I did was make them work in a TS2 format.

To the Stuff! )
So named because I am buried under a *f*u*c*k*t*o*n* of projects needing uploaded.

Eleven (eleven!!) sets of full palette + vintage wood recolors, plus some cosmetic changes to ATS2's MoodBooster meshes

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( Sep. 14th, 2009 03:26 am)
4 Mesh Edits and 6 Recolor Sets
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Desk hutches, baby bassinets, and all with less strain on your graphics.

High polys are a tool of the devil, doncha know... )
I've obviously been in Milkshape too many times tonight and it's eaten my brain.



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