Red. And. Pink.

Whomever decided that these were the colors or ultimate love and lust deserves a paper cut from every greeting card they handle, forever. Of course, even people like Disney hop on this crazy train (poor, poor Ariel,) and Maxis is no exception, either.

Click! Your Pixelated Love Life Depends On It! )
Two Beds and a Bedding Set to Compliment the Nightlife Vampire Coffins,
made for Kriikii for GoS' Christmas in July exchange

*creeeeeeaaaaaaak* )
crabofdoom: (well fuck)
( Feb. 23rd, 2010 07:22 pm)

5 Set of Maxis Mesh Recolors, Pooklet'd

To the Stuff...! )
So named because I am buried under a *f*u*c*k*t*o*n* of projects needing uploaded.

Eleven (eleven!!) sets of full palette + vintage wood recolors, plus some cosmetic changes to ATS2's MoodBooster meshes

Send a rescue team! I'm surrounded! )
Desk hutches, baby bassinets, and all with less strain on your graphics.

High polys are a tool of the devil, doncha know... )
crabofdoom: (Default)
( Sep. 10th, 2009 04:29 pm)
... offer it a bong hit. If it doesn't, paint it.

I steal this line from James Lileks' Interior Desecrations to bring your three more sets of peeling, cracking and otherwise grungy recolors in the Death by Crayon palette:

Ah, Paint Fumes... We Meet Again... )


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