In order to explain the 'test release' part, I must unfortunately be a downer: my cat had to be put down due to very sudden and severe lung problems on April 10th, and my want to do much of anything creative since has gone out the window. He would've been eleven years old only five days after he died, and I'd had him since he was six weeks old. I still haven't gotten his ashes back from the crematorium yet, and the whole situation's really playing havoc on my already limited powers of concentration.

With that said, the templates I have finished (01 - 27 softened Maxis with Fantasyrogue Rhys ears + alien with FR's Wolf ears) is here to be downloaded AS-IS, because it's taken me ages to get them to this point and I'm honestly in no mood to methodically breed and age-up dozens of sims in a test environment. I do, however, have some shots of my pony neighborhood.

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Forgive me if this post is less than elegant. I just spent two hours typing up a much more descriptive one, but DW fucking autosaved RIGHT AFTER a mistake in HTML and wiped out THE WHOLE FUCKING THING.

So we will be working in mostly photos and notes as they're needed. Goddamn it.
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Update on the face templates: they're not dead. slightlycrazed has been doing an outside testing for me, and I was able to look at them right after a reinstall with no CC - neither of us got the errors while trying to load lots that I was initially getting, which strongly suggests that it wasn't the faces but something in my hacks causing the problems. I highly suspect it may also have been my own fault for incorrectly trying to empty the neighborhood templates before doing the reinstall, but I digress. I want to do a little more in-game testing and hopefully some sim breeding first, but the whole situation is looking far more promising for sharing soon. On top of which, AlfredAskew and Fantasyrogue have both giving sharing the faces their okays, once the set's ready <3


Natural Pookletbow of mio0331's hair, on a slightly altered original texture.

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AF and AM Military Uniforms, Without the Heavy Artillery

To the stuff! )

Wicked_sims' YAF/AF/EF Lolita curls, retextured and recolored by request

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One all-age/gender skintone to fill in a previously overlooked genetic gap
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( Sep. 10th, 2009 04:36 pm)
One AM outfit from A+S=Error, re-alphaed, rebumped, and remeshed

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6 AM Outfit Recolors on Club Crimsyn Meshes
+ 1 AM Accessory

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( Sep. 10th, 2009 04:00 pm)

Well, the uniforms aren't exactly ready. Or to be more accurate, they're not perfect.

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