No matter how diverse and, er, eccentric the denizens of Midgar can get, it's always good to remember how alike we can all be, too.

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It's very strange - I could've sworn I was just here...

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Well, that was certainly an experience. I never would've thought I'd ever do what I just did, but I really think I enjoyed it. It was fun to dance, and I seemed to be fairly good at it, to go by the response. Okay, maybe most of them were just looking at my ass, but I could definitely take this up as a hobby.

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Once upon a time, there was a dashing young prince known throughout the kingdom of Midgar as Growly McSuck...

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Okay, last message spam for tonight.
*cue bouncy sitcom cadence*

Wait, what?
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To start off, the Curioususeses now live across the rock from Nervous, 'cause I put an apartment lot up on their old spot on the mesa. Plus, Pascal's his best friend and it just shortens the commute for visits.

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( Jul. 16th, 2009 09:40 pm)
Moving on, we head next door to Olive along Big Honkin' Rock Court to the new abode of one Nervous Subject.

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Holy crap, did I really finish four of these things in the last two night!? Ugh. Apologies in advance for the message spamming, but it'll be easier to break these up by family, rather than try for one hundred-shot-long post.

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Not a particularly elegant name, I know. I haven't thought of a better one yet. What a megahood is, for the uninitiated, is a neighborhood containing all of Maxis' pre-loaded neighborhoods together, so that every Maxis-made sim and family can interact.

The version I have contains all of the neighborhoods up to Belladonna Cove, from Apartment Life. I like the idea of having an outside-character-free environment once in a while. Especially when I'm considering trying out goofy things that dignity and actual fondness for a given character would prevent me from ever doing to them. With many a Maxis sim, I don't have this hang up. In Midgar, I want the world to appear accurate to its inspirations. In the megahood, I can do whatever feels appropriate, even if it involves neon yellow and gorilla suit.

Maxis content is also fun for my inner architect. To be blunt, ninety-five percent of Maxis houses roundly suck. They're always too large and contain too damn much wasted space. Sometimes, I really hope these houses and community lots are made so cumbersome to encourage players to root around with the tools and catalogs and make them better.

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Part one, because there are enough clean shots to break this into two and only mature-lock the second half.

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( Jun. 15th, 2009 01:34 am)
To start off, I can't quit playing around with CS4's gif animation. It ain't pretty.
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