Mouse and Snake is a hub for my Sims 2 custom content and snapshot, and occasionally, various artistic nonsense. I have very much love for Final Fantasy VII and Kingdom Hearts (more accurately, for Organization XIII,) as well as urban and grungy themes. I loves me some sim!dirt and rust.

This journal contains yaoi/gay themes.
There will also be adult-themed Sims 2 snapshots and fan artwork, but no adult images of real people, ever.

Under the cut
is the index of Sims2/FF-based fics and interludes hosted here.
For new custom content, please pay a visit to Land of Doom.

All downloads previously posted here are still available, but all new additions and both the normal and adult content directories are now on my Dreamwidth journal (linked above.) Previous content entries can be found by clicking the "downloads" tag. I just thought a little separation might be helpful.

[newest Entries first]

the Mako City:
Part Eight
Part Seven
Part Six
Part Five
Part Four
Part Three and a Half
Part Three
Part Two
Part One

Easy to Please
Part One

La Vie Dasant
That's the Spirit We Like in Our Strippers! [video]
Tales from a Photo Shoot 2
Tales from a Photo Shoot
Isn't It Ironic...
Gil Digger [reprise]
A Place Where People Can Mingle and Mix and Be
Observing the One-Winged Angel in the Wild

Maxis Megahood:
the Singles
Loner and the Ottomases
the Grunts
the Curious
Specter (and Nigmos)
the Beakers

Y!Gallery List of FF/KH Specific Custom Content (plus adult hacks.)

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Is there not a masterlist for 'Welcome Home' anywhere? Sorry, but I like to add especially wonderful fic collections to memories so I can reread them later.

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