Title: Silver and Cold
Characters: many, eventually. Today, Angeal.
Rating: Overall, NC-17. Today: G
Warnings: none
A/N: Series will contain pages of manly romance, even maniler smut, supernatural critters and some nasty mad science.

(right click > view image to embiggen)

Page one, started and finished! Ack! Coloring this kind of sketchiness takes a while, since a lot of lines have little, tiny openings that love to flood the rest of the page when you use the magic wand, but on the whole, I hope they all go this well.

I've got twelve more pages scripted as I write, but only this page is complete. Shall we see where this goes?

From: [identity profile] madisuzy.livejournal.com

I love your style in this and I'm looking forward to seeing were the story goes. The narrative is really beautiful too!

From: [identity profile] white-jenna.livejournal.com

Eeee, this is awesome. Yes, let's see where it goes. :D
If I may offer some specific technical advice, Angeal's stirrups should be under his toes, with his heels pointed down. In the current position, his entire body is tipped forward and off balance, and he's also at risk for getting his boots stuck in said stirrups.

From: [identity profile] teacake-disease.livejournal.com

Greatly looking forward to more. At first the flat coloring seemed odd, but looking at the bigger image it actually works very well to make the land seem barren and desolate. The wind and breath in the last two panels actually made me shiver, and the sketchy style is wonderful. The promise of manliness in all aspects heightens the anticipation. Keep up the awesome work.

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