Title: Silver and Cold
Characters: Many
This Page: Lazard and Sephiroth
Pairings: Sephiroth/Lazard
Rating: Overall, NC-17
This Page: G+
Warnings: blood
A/N: Series will contain pages of manly romance, even maniler smut, supernatural critters and some nasty mad science. As there's a strong influence of classic movie monsters about, it should probably be said that this is an AU.

(right click > view image to embiggen)

Notes: 1) those are not boobs, but pecs smushed together. 'Cause it's friggin' cold out. 2) there is no woman here. That's Sephiroth. But Lazard's eyesight is just that bad in far distances, and blowing snow doesn't help.

This page seemed to go fairly quickly, which is good, but now leaves me wondering if I've forgotten something because of it (I did not forget Seph's scars. If Lazard can't see them yet, we can't see them.) If I can keep getting a page done every two or three days, I'll be thrilled.

From: [identity profile] teacake-disease.livejournal.com

loving your portrayal of Lazard. he fits the 'clueless but dapper English traveler' archetype perfectly.
And Sephiroth looks fantastic as a 'ghost'. His first pose is captivating.
Hmm? Scars that can't be seen yet? Is that just because of Lazard's terrible monocle-vision, or is there even more spooky stuff at play here? On the edge of my chair either way.
ext_9747: Zack Fair as a puppy, holding a frisbee in his mouth. (Aeris)

From: [identity profile] ardwynna-m.livejournal.com

~Dude looks like a lady~ XD Love that fixing-the-monocle panel there.

From: [identity profile] animekittysama.livejournal.com

Lazard, honey, you obviously need more than a monocle if you think that is a lady. *offers him glasses*

You are doing splendid, Crabby One! I look forward to more.

From: [identity profile] lady-elodie.livejournal.com

If his eyesight is anywhere near as bad as mine, I can completely forgive him for mistaking Sephiroth for a lady. Without my glasses, I'd have to recognise people by the way they moved since I wouldn't even be able to distinguish a single feature on their face.If I look at a page written in pencil, it actually looks like a blank sheet.

Damn but I sort of wish I could monocle it.

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