...but I'm not sure how would be best.

It's for my Silver and Cold comic - which is in no danger of cancellation or interest loss on my end - but... There's just stuff about it I'd like to bounce off of someone else.

The things I'd like to ask are story related, for the most part; things like which of two paths would be more interesting, does this element even need to be there, are things taking too long, would this scenario go too fast... things like that. I'd love to have a sounding board, as opposed to a usual beta, because this thing isn't finished and just waiting for a proofread. I'm very close to a point where I could make the wrong choice and end up trapped in something that makes no sense or just isn't as much fun to read as it could've been.

It feels really egotistical to complain about, but there never seems to be an exclusive opportunity to talk about my projects to anyone else. It's always either an inappropriate forum to get in-depth (like page comments) or there's other stuff going on (livestreaming).

So, is there anyone following the comic who wouldn't mind spoilers and sitting in on a brainstorming session?

I'm usually very awkward at chatting, and I also like to be legible, which makes me a slow typist, but I think it would be the best format for this. I don't expect a chat tonight, but was figuring/hoping on some mutually agreed-to time in the week, or so.

From: [identity profile] animekittysama.livejournal.com

Personally, I wouldn't mind being of service. You know I'm all down with Lazard/Seph, your writing/art, and I have no problem with AUs. I'm pretty much free to chat anytime this week after Wednesday as well since it is a slow work week. So just tossing my hat into the ring there.

From: [identity profile] crabofdoom.livejournal.com

I'd greatly appreciate it, so thanks ^^ What's your preferred method of chat? I just got AIM again after a few years, and using CrabOfDoomXIII.

From: [identity profile] animekittysama.livejournal.com

AIM is what I use too. I'm animekittysama on there as well, but I'm normally invisible. We can arrange for whenever is convenient for you.

From: [identity profile] crabofdoom.livejournal.com

Is Wednesday around 10pm good? Or by 'after Wednesday', did you mean Thursday would be better?

I shall not use the invisibles, so feel free to sleath-log-in, if that's your preference.

From: [identity profile] animekittysama.livejournal.com

Um... depends on my gaming partner, actually. We've been playing Portal 2 together and we're almost done so we were hoping to finish this week. Lemme see what I can work out with her.

Also, I am an EST gal so let me know if you're in a different time zone.

From: [identity profile] crabofdoom.livejournal.com

Also EST, so no worries there. I'm usually online anywhere from 8-9pm to 2am most nights, so it anything in there is good for you it'll probably be good for me, too.

From: [identity profile] willowanderer.livejournal.com

I like listenign to brain storming and giving ideas. My Aim is W1llowanderer.

From: [identity profile] crabofdoom.livejournal.com

Cool! I'll add you in next time I start it. I'm usually online between 9pm and 2am, and in case I haven't already posted it, I'm CrabOfDoomXIII.

From: [identity profile] willowanderer.livejournal.com

^__^ I think I could twig to that one; but yay! ^__^ I'm on durring most of that block most days.

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