Title: Silver and Cold
Characters: Many
This Page: Lazard and Sephiroth
Pairings: Sephiroth/Lazard
Rating: Overall, NC-17
This Page: G+
Warnings: bruising
A/N: Series will contain pages of manly romance, even maniler smut, supernatural critters and some nasty mad science. As there's a strong influence of classic movie monsters about, it should probably be said that this is an AU.

(right click > view image to embiggen)

That is easily the best mess of hair I've yet drawn. Strangely though, I only drew it last night but I have no memory of actually doing it. Bizarre.


From: [identity profile] lenine2.livejournal.com

The hair is awesome. So is Lazard's face in the last panel.

From: [identity profile] lady-elodie.livejournal.com

I like that the text is fading out with Sephiroth's conciousness. Am I feeling a time-skip coming on?

And I like how in the last panel where he's all curled up, he suddenly doesn't look ethereal, but instead just looks incredibly fragile. Even his mess of hair adds to the somewhat brittle vibe I'm getting from him.

There's only one thing that throws me on this page, and that's Sephiroth having round pupils. I'm pretty sure from watching AC that he has cat's eyes as a trait that he and the remnents share as well as Cloud when the Geo-stigma's hitting him hard.

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