Land of Doom is a collection of Sims 2 custom content available for download - all free, all the time. I have very much love for Final Fantasy VII and Kingdom Hearts (more accurately, for Organization XIII,) as well as mesh edits for lowered polygon counts, and urban & grungy themes. I loves me some sim!dirt and rust.

Under the cut is my index of Sims2 content I've made & posted on Garden of Shadows or, you know, here.
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All of my packs are made with 7Zip, 'cause freeware rocks.
There is a free Mac 7Zip opener right this way.

Hojo's Petrie Dish - Sample 3 - TS3-inspired deco clothesline
Flowers Blooming in the Church - a set of garden-related deco extracted from Crisis Core; includes a harvestable dumbapple tree
Shredded Documents - Mesh edit and retexture of Kitchen Set wall collage (mesh by Leehee4444/Billyjean)
It's a Sailboat - Abstract Default Replacements for the Maxis Easel Paintings
So Cold in El Dorado - 18 aged rugs from Tibet and Elsewhere (meshes by simtomatic)
Verticles! - NL 'Cantankerous Splatters' painting turned vertical
Paint It Black - Shin-Ra and OrgXIII wall writings and banners (meshes by aikea_guinea and Simaddict99)
Project G - decorative feathers (mesh by aikea_guinea)
Avatars Don't Get the Memo - 29 Silk Noren Wall Hangings (meshes by 8kSIMS)
Mother Says 'Hi' - 2 decorative Jenova boxes
Next Sunday, A.D. - Wall Art by Syd Mead (mesh by HolySimoly)
Spraypaint & Cable - Neon Macrame Decor and Tables (meshes by CTNutmegger)
Impound Lot - License Plate Wall Art (mesh by aikea_guinea/3rd texture by LyricLee)
Rust Is the New Pine - Grungy Metal Christmas Trees (mesh by SIMcredible)
Oh Sheet - Tacked-Up Curtains and Flags (mesh by simaddict99)

Igor and Sons Add-Ons - lower-poly edit of the Maxis NL vampire bed, plus a double bed and matching blankets
No Jacket Required - 5 sets of recolored Maxis EP electronics and a bathtub
You Say You Want a Revolution - 21 sets of Pooklet'd Maxis build mode meshes, walls & floors
Hojo's Petrie Dish: Sample 1 - Shorter Ventura dining chair and lower-poly Mission Bay bookcase (meshes by SimCredible and LivingDeadGirl)
AVALANCHE Attacks Sector 7 - tons of mesh edits, recolors, and general shit. Must be seen to be believed.
Scene Missing - Bassinets and Desk Hutches recolored and made lower-poly (meshes by Rebecah & corvidophile2)
If It Moves... - 1-tile desk, staircase, and cabinet recolors (meshes by Teko, SimPlanX and Buggybooz)
Death by Crayon - 19 Maxis and custom meshes recolored (custom meshes by guatla and steffor)
Cut and Paste - Asylum beds as sofas in many, many colors (mesh by BeOSBoxBoy)
Let's Get Small - Grungy/Vintage Bedding for Sims and Dolls (meshes by Maxis, Soloyo and AroundTheSims2)
Broken Lens Neon Coffee & Dining Tables (meshes by Alexis & Jonesi)
Yard Sale Neon Syokoudo Dining Set (meshes by Najimu2)
Sims of Steel (AL) Neon Recolors
Cheese Wheels - Mouse Toddler Logic Toys (mesh by FeeEssen)
RatRace Grungy Recolors of Expensive Maxis Meshes

Hojo's Petrie Dish - Sample 4 - a teen mesh fix for Rose Donation Hair 90
General Fluffy is Not Amused - teen-to-adult conversions of the M and F no-ammo-pouches Maxis military uniforms
Swirlee - recolors/retexture of Wicked_sim's AF Lolita curls.
Hojo's Petrie Dish - Sample 2 - a single golden-red darker skintone for the GaLaxy FMW Fixed skinset
Crisis Core Eye Set - 21 eyes made from the Square Enix game textures
To Victory! - 10 Button-Front CF Dresses with Boots (mesh by Fantasyrogue)
Sons of Industry - Alpha edits of Newsea Yu28 Male hairs, without the weird fringe
Copypasta: Round 2 - A+S=Error AM eyelet shirt realphaed and remeshed (mesh by Club Crimsyn)
Callalou - 2 Darker tones + default for GaLaxy FMW skins (textures by E-Studio)
Copypasta: Round 1 - Six AM outfits with EASims texures (meshes by Club Crimsyn)
Bad Blood - Outfits for Rufus and Lazard (07/13/09 - Lazard's suit updated. Please redownload.)
New Moon on Monday - 4 Tifa-like outfits for AF (plus a global plate replacement, for no particular reason.)
One-Winged FMW Skintone (mature locked for pictures - also available bundled with Sephiroth v6.0 sim)
3-Day Pass - Oversized Sweater Tops for AM (mesh by q3tbo)
SilverWind SOLDIER uniform recolors and a couple Lucrecia outfits (meshes by SilverWind and Gelydh)
You First - Widow's Peak Face Masks (textures by Nouk, Liegenshonheit and Maxis)
Dread Pirate - Nouk Textures on Rose Rikku Female Hairs (mesh by RoseSims)
Everyone's a Critic - Nouk Textures on Yu #005 Female Hairs (mesh by NewSea)
Black Feathers - Nouk Textures on Yu #010 Male Hairs (mesh by NewSea)
Kibble-N-Bits Neon Pet Collars (mesh by Paleonath & wes_h)
Gaping Maw Leather Collars [AF/AM] (mesh by Rose)
SAU Tie & Suspender Outfit [AM] - prize for TPM3 contest (mesh by aikea_guinea)
SAU Tie & Suspender Outfits [TF/AF] - fixed bumpmaps (click "fixing them" in post)
Star of David Pendants for Hanukkah 2008 [AF/AM] (meshes by aikea_guinea & DrPixel)
Androgyny Vest & Jeans Formalwear (mesh by GothPlague)
Skin Trade - Androgyny Tops (meshes by GothPlague/textures by aikea_guinea)
Military Dogtag Necklaces [AF/AM] (meshes by aikea_guinea)
Astromeso Skintone Blends - Showerproof for GothPlague's Androgyny Bodyshape
Astromeso Skintone Blends - Default Replacements
Sango_91 Kingdom Hearts Eyes - Default Replacements (dark blue is violet - direct download)

Full Sims:
SOLDIERs for Hire - Angeal, Genesis, Sephiroth (v6.0) and Zack
Sephiroth - sim and 2 original Dissidia:Final Fantasy inspired uniforms (mesh by july77)


Alleys of Edge - multi-shop community lot

GardenOfShadows Theme Entries & Small Requests
content hidden among threads that don't have their own dedicated post
GoS SecretSanta 2010 for xDahlia - vanity stools as dining chairs, shortened Maxis dning chairs and a female sim with custom gown
GoS 2010 Surprise Advent - my day includes a set of trenchcoat and jeans outfits with military boots, FT and AL sweatsuit replacements, smaller default replacements for the BV and AL foodstands, decorative awnings, and some extracted deco pieces.
Summer in the City - three jean shorts with Crimsyn open boots for AM
Maxis Lost&Found Tombstones and Urns - plus a new mesh and recolors for an institutional copper urn
Default Replacement for Community Phone Booth
Savannah Jane - Recolor sets for Khakidoo's dresser crib and HystericalParoxysm's Moses Basket
Mayfair Trunk Desk - GoS SS '09 gift for Viviane
More Every Week - Deco Bunny-in-a-Box dolls in 25 Pooklet colors
Too Shy to Scream - Sim-sized deco cages in three states and four colors
Imaginary Friends - 2 Alice in Wonderland inspired homemade costumes for CF (mesh by Fantasyrogue)
Geek Chic PacMan Rug - mehses included - same mesh set as the So Cold in ElDorado rugs above (meshes by Simtomatic)
Free Surprise Inside - Decorative Snow White heart box
MICE! - 4 decorative mice with 3 extra colors
Rough Linen - 15 worn but clean beddings
Dom Perignon Bottle (mesh by BlackyPanther)
Pirate Bay Shop Recolors - weathered gray woods and plain canvas (meshes by Kate at Parsimonious)
June '09 GoS Theme Challenge Beds - recolors of beds from the Ikea Stuff and Teen Style Stuff packs


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May i use your work in uploading houses on
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GOS 2010 Surprise Advent

Hi crabofdoom

It looks like MediaFire has deleted this file - I would like to download the default replacements for the BV and AL foodstands....Thanks

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